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“When the wind of change blows, some build protective walls, others build windmills”         

Chinese Wisdom

We live in a time when society is increasingly subject to digital transformation. However, we believe that this transformation also offers the opportunity for positive change if it is shaped and controlled by intelligent personalities.

We imagine a world characterized by helpful and innovative solutions. A world in which the digitalization serves our society.  Times like these require personalities who are able to address and shape this change boldly.

Thus, the shortage of skilled workers is only one of the major challenges of digital transformation. Another is the appointment of suitable personalities for suitably demanding positions. This is the challenge eAces is eager to meet.

“Only personality creates its own world by wrestling with itself.” 

Jan Sallaba

 eAces is engaged in complex and cross-functional development projects with experts and teams, as well as in staffing key management and executive positions. We are industry-independent, as digital transformation is taking hold in every area of enterprise. We are also active in placing experts and managers in the financial sector as well as in the automotive and internet industries.

eAces is convinced that qualified IT experts and IT visionaries with personality will play a major role in digital transformation. We want to identify these personalities and talents and bring them together with our customers.

What we are looking for and appreciate at eAces are personalities with curiosity, intrinsic motivation, expertise and commitment. We strive for cooperation on an equal footing and are pleased to be able to successfully shape our customers’ projects.

In the pursuit of knowledge, something is gained every day.”  


As a company in the recruitment industry, we believe that companies will be able to master the path to the digital future with the help of smart, motivated experts and personalities.

But economic and, above all, ecological truths also play a decisive role in our work. As we understand it, sustainability and digitalization are interrelated. As HR consultants, we are particularly sensitive to these aspects.

Thanks to our experience, we can assess professional and technical requirements for staffing agile teams in customer projects or key positions. Confronting new and effective state-of-the-art tools and frameworks is always an important factor in selecting experts.

In recent years, our external teams have been able to help implement successful solutions in dedicated industries. Our customers can continue to rely on our expertise in the future.

“The secret of success is constancy of purpose”  

Benjamin Disraeli

In order to achieve long-term cooperation with our customers that is based on trust, it is crucial to find the optimal experts for positions and projects.

That is why we look for experts who not only have the appropriate expertise, but also whose personality provide a fit with your company, your organization or your team. But our cooperation does not end after successful placement. We want to continue to contribute, stay in constant contact and accompany the project or the commitment to the end.

Partnership and open, direct communication are especially important to us.