In eAces, you have a professional partner with whom you can work with complete confidence and on an equal footing.

Together with you, we define position requirements that include your corporate cultural background. Whether an expert or an executive, we are convinced that it is especially the personality of the new employee in that forms the basis of successful cooperation with your company. For the successful staffing of your open positions, we believe that the soft factors of an employee play a role that is just as important as his professional expertise. With this approach, we increase the likelihood of a long-term engagement of candidates in your company.

A diverse pool of experts for your projects on temporary basis

For the optimal staffing of your individual consulting and development projects, we act in 360-degree mode in our search for temporary expert resources. It is a method that has proven itself over the course of our many years of experience in the human resources sector. We offer you two to three suitable experts who have the technical requirements as well as meet the specific requirements for the current project. These are candidates who have already been examined as to their abilities, and are very often external employees with whom we have already had positive experience. In this way, we save you the time and the bother of dealing with innumerable possible and impossible CVs that need to be sorted through.

Even after your decision for a candidate, we remain your disposal with continuous support respecting project-specific and interpersonal matters. In addition, our expertise is often in demand at customer project meetings.

Our goal is to remove any project obstacles or resolve and clarify dissonances as far in advance as possible.

Long-term partnership with eAces

We meet your personnel challenges with commitment and reliable accessibility and stand by you as a key account over the long term.  We support you with consistent quality of care and advice: from regular team meetings to workshops to bilateral discussions on expert selection and team composition – we are your competent and reliable point of contact.

Our aim is to offer you suitable experts for almost every technological and process challenge.