Software Engineer Mobile / Mobile Developer

In digitalization, the trend has been increasingly towards mobile devices for accessing Internet content. This requires developers and programmers who specialize in mobile apps.

The Software Engineer Mobile designs, develops and programs web-based applications and designs the customer-friendly and creative user interface. It is important that not only the technical back-end functionality works optimally, but also the user experience.

In addition, customer consulting for clients requiring app development is also part of the Mobile Software Engineer’s range of tasks.

Operations Manager / Supply Chain Manager

Today, Operations Managers are responsible for structuring and managing the networking of online shops, fulfillment offerings and process automation.

He ensures a seamless process for inbound and outbound goods and keeps an eye on cost reduction and productivity increases. To this end, he analyses logistic key indicators, audits and customer feedback.

The Operations Manager uses new technological advances that enable many processes, manages transport service providers and ensures delivery quality.

3D Printing Experts

3D printing is one of the major market potentials that have arisen from digitalization. From food to components for aircraft construction to complete residential buildings, the possibilities here are almost unlimited. This technology requires experts who are intensively involved in the possibilities as well as in industrial series production.

The technology also fulfills the desire to produce self-designed items in the workshop within a very short time so that designers can actually hold them their hands after production and sometimes actually use them in a meaningful way.

Especially in the spare parts market for machines and similar objects, 3D printing is extremely valuable as a technology of the future. Medicine also benefits from the unexpected possibilities, for example, in the area of individualized prostheses.

Product designers and experts in 3D printing benefit from the exponentially growing market in this area. Technical knowledge and engineering skills are in high demand. Accordingly, the appropriate courses of study are recommended.

IT Architecture Consultant

Innovation cycles for hardware and software are getting shorter increasingly, while IT costs rise as a result. At the same time, a tailor-made, state-of-the-art IT infrastructure is essential for business success today.

IT architecture experts are responsible for a future-enabled IT and application infrastructure that is both economical and adaptable to eventual regulatory requirements.

A look at many IT organizations reveals historically, organically grown IT system landscapes. Technologically, these are often outdated, prone to errors and rely on expiring maintenance contracts.

IT architecture consulting focuses primarily on stability, performance, security, flexibility, availability and minimal downtimes as well as cost-effectiveness.

IT Architects are computer scientists who often become specialists in IT architecture via roles in IT development and consulting.