Development Partnership

A development partnership, as eAces understands it, means assuming responsibility for results in encapsulated development projects. For this purpose, eAces puts together cross-functional, agile teams for the customer. These teams work for the customer or, in this case, for the “product owner” outside or within their agile organization and develop encapsulated software solutions in Sprint mode.

Depending on the complexity, it is also possible to offer an agile development project at a fixed price thanks to innovative contract design. We agree together, according to previous effort estimates or so-called planning poker, on a deployment quantity (i.e. usually a number of implemented user stories based on so-called T-shirt sizes) and thus a fixed price for the entire team.

Benefits of a development partnership with eAces:

  • Low risks for the customer with fixed prices and agility in overall approach
  • An agile, transparent fixed price enables predictability and capitalization of your software product
  • Minimal administrative cost
  • Concrete price calculation on a sprint basis
  • Precise definition of project milestones and scopes#
  • Seamless integration of teams into customer organization