IT-Security Manager

As information security experts, it is the job of IT Security Managers to maintain security in the company. They have a great responsibility, because downtimes caused by external hacker attacks often cause companies millions of dollars in damage.

Salaries and daily rates for IT Security Managers are constantly increasing. This is due to the fact that all processes run through IT systems on which they depend. All a company’s know-how with its own and possibly confidential data is located in them.

That is why IT security managers plan and design the IT security architecture and IT security infrastructure. Tasks include creating policies and guidelines for the security of IT solutions and IT networks, as well as, for example, assessing potential risks. They also develop IT security testing and controls.

IT Security Managers act as legal cyber hackers hired by companies for these purposes. From outside the environment, they attempt to break all security measures almost around the clock. This reveals the points where cybercriminals could actually find access to a company’s knowledge and data.

Data Steward

Large amounts of data often pose a major challenge to companies. The larger the amount of data processed by a company, the higher the risk of data misuse.

To avoid leaks and to immunize yourself against allegations of unauthorized customer data usage, security experts are essential. If data protection rights are abused, a company’s reputation can quickly suffer permanent damage. Legal consequences are not uncommon, which could lead to significant financial costs.

Data Stewards are tasked with avoiding risks of this kind. They work closely with various departments in the company and ensure that all of them comply with the governance and compliance requirements for the handling of data.

For aspiring Data Stewards, studying Computer Science, Business Information Systems or Mathematics is prerequisite.

SEA Manager

The SEA Manager works in the field of Search Engine Advertising. He creates and optimizes advertisements for search engines that are seen and clicked on by as many people as possible. Search engine advertising is a special world and follows its own laws.

The tasks of the SEA Manager include the conception, construction, control, and optimization of search engine marketing campaigns. Text Ads, Mobile Ads, Google Display Network, Google Remarketing, Dynamic Search Ads, Google and AdWords are the well-known keywords here.

The SEA Manager develops lists of keywords that are most frequently searched but still offer good value for money. For these keywords, he creates ad copy and landing pages.

A large part of his work also involves the production of statistics, analyses, KPI reports and competition analyses as well as project controlling.

Data Scientists

Since many companies today collect huge amounts of data, it is important to structure, process, analyze and secure the data. From this, experts – i.e. Data Scientists – extract diverse information that can be useful for any respective company.

Data Scientists, who will be even more in demand in the future, are also responsible for developing and establishing procedures that make it easier to process huge amounts of data. Therefore, Data Scientists also provide critical support for important enterprise decisions.

The tools of a data scientist include modern techniques and tools, such as data mining, machine learning, or statistical modeling. This allows relationships, patterns and clusters to be detected among complex data.

Data scientists have mostly completed a degree in Mathematics or Computer Science. The analytical and statistical thinking these experts offer is a great advantage here.